Napoleon: Total War Riding to Battle in February 2010



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Being a fan of the Total War series even before Shogun hit store shelves (I played the demo until it filed for a restraining order!), my only concern is that Napoleon will be akin to Empire, which to this day is STILL not complete, stable, or in a truly finished condition, and on launch day it was disasterous for a very large portion of the player base...


The game, when it works, is great don't get me wrong, and if the stability issues could ever get ironed out completely it would be just that much better. Another thing I'm a bit put off by is the lack of an SDK from Creative Assembly/SEGA to make the community that much stronger. The thing that has always made the PC game community so strong and deep was that it could simply do things that consoles had no possible way of doing, like practically unbridled modding communities and the innumerable products that have been realised as a result of other people's creativity being added onto the base game. But it seems all too many developers are preferring to ignore the community to crank out another game faster rather than making one magnum opus that will have a life span as long if not longer than many game series' have lasted.



If this is going to be as good as Empire, I'm not going to see the sun for at least a month. YES! I hope its up for pre-order on steam. I also hope its not buggy on release.

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