NAND Supplies Could Come Under Strain after Apple's Huge Order



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Just because you can make anything with NAND gates doesn't mean you have to. Apple is the devil.



Apple blows!  Even after conceeding that what they had was garbage and made the switch to pc components, they still have crap.  No ammount of memory in the world will make their sub-par hardware cutting edge.


APPLE=SOFTWARE  The hardware they have is always last years news.  My laptop has an extreme quad core processor that apple doesn't even offer.  I've got two SSD's in raid0 and two graphics cards.  And I don't have some rediculous looking piece of fruit adorning a midrange (at best) overpriced paperweight!

Oh, and I'm glad I've already got my 8 Gig's of 1066 memory before apple caused prices to rise.



yeah, thanks a lot apple(assholes!!). Now we can expect the prices to inflate for the rest of us.

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