Nab An Eee Pad Transformer For The Price Of A Bookstore Tablet At Best Buy On Black Friday



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Holly Golightly

It is enticing... But I just don't know if I am willing to wait outside at all. I mean, I never did it for anything I was excited for. The weather is just brutal, and I feel that it is just not worth the wait verses the savings. I mean, I see people camp out with tents and all. But I'd rather pay the full price and end up with higher credit card debt just so I can be safe and warm in my home. Anyways, I am more interested in the Transformer Prime because it has a quad-cord processor and better battery life. I will tell everyone who is interested about this though. Wow, what a deal striker.



Is the RAM expandable in this?  1GB isn't a whole lot...



Perhaps you thought it was a Windows laptop, but 1GB RAM is standard for this generation of tablets.  To answer your question though, no, you can't add more RAM.  I think it has upgradable storage though.



This article is written as if I actually might have a chance at getting one. I am certain people are already lined up for Black Friday at my local Best Buy right now. Sorry, but a week of my life is worth way more than the $150 I could save getting this next Friday. I guess I will just have to settle for lower specs and have my Nook Table delivered to my door. Oh and I get to keep a week of my life for something useful.

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