MySpace Founder Offers Up Advice for Google+



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Holly Golightly

Sigh... Truly MySpace was THE network to deal with. It was fun as it allowed me to decorate my profile... Boring old FaceBook records my information and sells it to advertisers. So much for privacy, eh? I have faith in Google+, and feel that this is a much needed change. FaceBook has become one of the most hated networks due to political concerns, like tracing people where they are at, cops arresting people for certain speech violations, and then there is the lack of privacy... Feels like everything on FaceBook is for the entire world to see... Including your enemies. This is why I do not use this network. I am more of a Twitter fan. Keeps things nice a short. I like the simplicity of Twitter. So Google+, please listen to the people, and make the best experience you can! Still, I would like to see MySpace become number one... But I feel that it may be just too late, thanks to NewsCorp.



"But let's not forget that, at one point, MySpace ruled the fickle social networking scene, even if only because it didn't really have any competition. "

See. That was Facebook a month ago.

People are getting sick of some of the negative aspects of Facebook, and Facebook has had no real incentive to fix that.

Google+ reminds me of what I liked about Facebook when I first started using it. Better than the competition. That's all.

Maybe Facebook will improve its user experience and suffer no loss of users, but if it doesn't... it might as well just move over.




"According to Anderson, Facebook favors an algorithmic approach and "recently I've noticed that I get less and less response from my Facebook friends. I post something that used to generate some interaction, and now I receive almost nothing.".  or you know it could be just be that no one really cares about what you got to say any more and dont want to waste time commenting on it?.. could be a slight possibilty as well.

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