MySpace Eating Facebook's Dust in Traffic, Users



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I gave up my myspace back in April, and I've never had a facebook, twitter, or flicker, and rarely use my Blogger.

I guess I just have too long an attention span? I really hate what all these social networking sites have done to the internet as a whole. They've replaced a sense of community on so many sites and in so many spheres with an army of click-fiends out for their next instant gratification fix. (See DeviantArt, et all) and advertisers and web masters counting click traffic all to happy to cater to them.

But enough about that. Wasn't Myspace "Laser Focused" on Music about 12 months ago? Well, at least this article didn't try to call Mysapce "A face book wannabe" (gee, which actually came before which PCWorld guys?) and pointed out salient facts about both.

And I am thankful I am in the 4 out of 5 people not yet assimilated into the face collective.



They both contributing to the problems of today's society.  Socializing over the internet with people who you may or may not know isn't the same as socializing IRL.  I had hoped most people would have grown out of this but they haven't.

The only social networking site i use is because it actually tailors to a specific interest.  I know some people use facebook to actually coordinate IRL clubs, get togethers etc. and myspace has been useful for independent music artists, but for the most part they look like places where 12 year old emo girls can pretend to be friends with middle aged men from a completely different country.



I'd call myself a power user, and I love having options, but Myspace is one case where giving too many options to too many idiots was it's downfall. Sometimes creativity = looks like crap. Black text on black background, annoying music that auto-plays as soon as the page loads? I thought we got past these things after the whole geocities and personal webpage craze went away.

I was never comfortable with the idea of allowing entry of code for layout editing in Myspace, that to me seemed like an invitation for hackers. And lastly, I truly felt that Facebook had much better privacy settings  from the start. Sure there's been a few slip ups, but you should not be posting anything on a social network that you want to keep ultra secure anyway, duh.

While Facebook is a bit more restrictive on your individual creativity, it's also a hell of a lot easier to find what you're looking for. After a very short period of time you realize where stuff is, and that it's the same for every profile. Another pet peeve of mine is horizontal scroll bars, and Myspace had them all the time!

I was a Myspace user, and the moment Facebook opened its doors to everyone I jumped ship and never looked back.



MySpace is like MS-DOS.  It was nice for a time, has its fan-boys, but it's too big a PITA to maintain.



myspace is and will be far into the future.

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