MyBadOmen's Mass Effect 3 Case Mod Will Rock Your Intergalactic Socks



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Hiya guys just wanted to let you all know the Theme on the Outside is not yet completed ,also the window isn't done.There will be no Mistake that this is a Mass Effect build when its completed. It mentions in the build log the Theme of the build is The N7 Armor and the Mass Effect 3 Logo and colors.The other thing was i had to incorporate the Normandy somehow also into the build as i was asked to. But if you look at the build log for this build it has been totally stripped down and just to get the cooling to work the way it is and Radiators to fit was a Huge task to achieve and still keep it clean.Much more to come from this build so keep watching.

Take care all and thank you Brad for the Great article, Thank you Maximum PC Magazine for being such a great read, and thank you to those who commented or came to see the build.

Take Care




if i wanted to see tiny ity bity pictures i would browse this site from my phone.


h e x e n

Pretty slick looking case. I would have ditched the stripes on the exterior and just kept the black carbon fiber look.

The interior is far better dressed than the exterior, but it's an awesome mod none the less. Very cool.



From the front I wouldn't have associated this with Mass Effect.

If not for the "N7" and the Normandy model placed inside the case, I probably never would.

The Red/White/Black color scheme doesn't automatically make me think "Mass Effect".

I'm in the "underwhelmed" camp on this one :(






would have been a nice touch if he used the sr2 mobo.



SO BEAUTIFUL! so overbuilt
so technological! SO WELL DONE


Bean Bandit

The Carbon Fiber looks nice. That's about it for me.



Well... now my mod idea seems like a kids fingerpainting project compared to this... I need to get back to the drawing board.

Awesome mod!

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