My Favorite Gaming Moments of 2008; What Are Yours?



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Reaching lvl 80 with my Cimmerian Barb in Age of Conan.  Since it was the 1st mmo I'd ever played, (with the exception of horrible WoW freetrial) it was a great day in Hyboria. 



Im ashamed to say that I still havent played Left 4 Dead, its been sitting there ready to play in steam but I just havent had the time to play it, w/e I guess nows a good time



Agreed on MSG4!



Maneuvering my helicopter alongside another so that a Rastafarian with a rocket launcher could blast it down into the East River.  Dude, I held my breath on every shot.

Also, it ain't an '08 title, but the jailbreak scene in Kane and Lynch is totally underrated.  Any fan of the Hitman series owes themselves a run through K&L.



you hit it on the head with mgs4 and fallout 3.

 i own every game in the metal gear universe, and i tell you, its got one of the most immersive story lines ever. im really gonna miss kojima. but he did go out with a bang with mgs4.

fallout 3 is the first game ive played of the series and the wasteland is insane. you actually have a feel for the need to survive, and i found it fun rummaging deserted houses and buildings for things to survive. and gettin pwnd by the occasional deathclaw.



These aren't the official MPC Gaming Awards of 2008 or anything like that. They're just something for you to read on a slow news day.

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