Music Theater "Tweet Seats" are the New In-Thing



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Holly Golightly

Wooow, people really depend on social networks that bad? I do not understand what the hell is the big deal with these things. Gosh, I hope they do not make a FaceBook row. Otherwise this will be awkward.



If you can't stop tweeting, blogging, Facebooking/liking, Tumbling, Redditing, Digging, +1-ing, and/or texting for the 2 or so hours a live show lasts, then maybe you need to visit an addiction treatment facility. Check in on FB or Foursquare (if you must) and then turn off your damn phone and watch the show you (and others) paid good money to see. Hell, there's usually even an intermission if you can't wait the full 2 hours.



This is it; I quit humanity. I'm gonna go build me a compound in Montana and wear nothing but Army fatigues from now on.



I'll join! Got cool-aid!

This stupidity, plus those 150 a-holes that hold up their phone to record the whole show during concerts sends me over the edge. Are you really going to watch a low res video of a rock concert recorded on your phone from the back row??! why??



Amen, brother. There aren't enough words to describe how ridiculous that whole mindset is.

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