Music Industry Has Had Enough of Muziic



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Number Six

The girl in the ad is hot.



the music industry would disagree on that



I would take it down if I were you, when Vevo asked you to do so. It is obviously that in Vevo position, they were been offended by the application. From the quote in the MPC article, they politely asked Muziic to do so.

Remember Muzzic it looks like you are leeching off from other's service without their consent. Regardless whether you gave them credit or not, they never gave you the permission in the first place.

Right or wrong isn't the question here, I think it is simplely respect other's right.



Good job corporate world.  I have never heard of this service till you cried about it.  Now I am going to go download it and enjoy it.  Muziic creators should be happy for the free advertising :)


Tim Ryan

Will be interesting to see how this all ends up. I've been using the Muziic desktop application for months and really love it. I will point out that this kid that created this sites name is David, not Dan as your article states.



for pointing out the error. And even i love Muziic



Actually the first line says "David."  Then half way thourgh that paragraph it refers to his dad "Mark." and the only other name in there is the Vevo CEO "Rio." ... Sorry

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