Mushkin Makes an SSD Using the New SandForce Controller



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Keith E. Whisman

Labeling these things as Enterprise parts just gives them an excuse to charge 10X what they charged for the last generation parts the SF1200 I believe. 

When you would normally expect each new generation of SSD to be more advanced, have more capacity, be speedier, and should be cheaper than the previous generation SSD. But with the Enterprise label added onto the name you can throw all that out the window. 

I hope I'm wrong, but I think they are just trying to figure out ways of keeping SSD's unnecessary expensive.

SSD's should be mimicking the price drops of HDD's and Memory products, as they matured prices dropped way down to account for the lowered costs of mature manufacturing methods and cheaper parts and availability of those parts. SSD's have plenty of parts suppliers now with new suppliers popping up ever week. So why are the SSD prices still sky high? 

Do you think it costs $2000-$4000 dollars to produce a 52" 3D LCD? Not even close, $200-$400 at most if that much, because the manufacturing process is mature and parts suppliers compete for business by keeping their prices competitive and cheap. Manufacturers also locate their plants where the cost of labor is the cheapest possible such as Mexico, China, or any number of other 3rd world nations. These companies pay adults and children the equivalant of a $1 or two a day, they get off the streets to do work in their facilities. While those same jobs would require advanced degrees and certifications to even be considered for employment here in the USA. How is that fair?  End Tangent.

So when I hear words like Enterprise attached to a product that is obviously more aimed at the enthusiast crowd it's just another way of saying they are desperate to keep prices up. They don't want to charge a fair price for these things, they want to maintain that 10,000% profit on each drive they sell. 



The free market allows them to charge what they wish.  Sorry about your socialism though.



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