MSI's Slider S20 Ultrabook Shipping in Q1 for $1,200



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like Irene implied I am in shock that people can profit $8268 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web page



With $1200, you could buy an actual computer, instead of a trendy, overpriced toy.


tonymus, 3 hr battery life?

I'd rather have an $800 unit based on Intel's new Atom chip with, hopefully, an 8 hr battery life.



the reason yal are getting confused about your differing experiences is because 'i5' and 'i3' are BRANDs and NOT any specific PROCESSOR

i.e. my desktop runs the 650 or i5-650 NOT "an i5"

also the chipset and said chipset's TDP and firmware standard have a huge impact on energy efficiency as does the obvious; battery capacity



Not necessarily, as my Thinkpad Edge laptop has an I-5 and I get 8 hours on battery.



Really? I have to defer to your experience, but I thought the I-5s (which I LOVE in desktops) were too power hungry to get much battery life (see the comments on the upcoming Surface Pro).

I just Googled the weight of your ThinkPad Edge at about 5.5 lbs. While that's pretty good (and you have a pretty sweet laptop), I'm guessing you also have a large battery. I wonder how big a battery you can put into sliding tablet-like device. I still think it'll get less than 4 hours...


Peanut Fox

Mobile Ivy Bridge i5 and i3 parts have the exact same 17 and 35 watt TDP.

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