MSI's Latest Classic Series Laptop Screams Ordinary



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Laptops in Karachi


Keith E. Whisman

Look for prices to be around $500 for the cheapest and most basic configuration around $800 for the top end. This is looking at previous offerings from MSI. Heck I have an MSI entertainment laptop that I bought for $600 new at Fry's Electronics. What I like about the laptop market now is the abundance of manufacturers that have just flooded the market with awesome mobile options at crazy low prices. The laptop I've got now configured with 4gigs of ram, a discrete graphics chip and a large HDD and display would have cost a couple thousand dollars just a short 4years ago.

What's interesting now is with consumers used to getting a great laptop config for very little money what can we expect with new tablets? What can manufacturers do with tablets to make them more appealing and affordable against the competition? Are we going to be getting tablets that come with wireless blue tooth stereo headsets?

Perhaps tablets with 2.5" HDD's or smaller and large SSD's or even the holy grail a DVD/Blue ray drive built in to the ultra thin package? All this while keeping prices down to a minimum.

It wasn't long ago when computer magazines and websites thumbed their noses at sub $1000 dollar laptops and desktops while now this market has really blossomed to offer alot of really good value and performance unseen in computing history.

I am 38 years old. I have been a computer junky since I convinced mom to get me that Atari 400 when I was 9. I've owned alot of computers in my 29years of experience in the hobby but these times are the most exciting. All of my dreams are being realized with the release of new technology to the market on an almost daily schedule. It is currently possible to build an full size R2D2 android with a small projector that can project an image onto an invisible screen made up of an inert gas so you too can leave a video hollow message to Obi Wan Kenobi on your R2 Droid.

Life is great regardless of your financial status. I'm sure I'm not the only unemployed computer enthusiast out here.  



As much as I would love to see a true desktop replacement, ordinary laptops will outsell the highend ones.

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