MSI's First Sandy Bridge Notebook for Gamers Now Shipping



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Yap, yap.


Shouldn't you guys be hating on Mac-users or something? I can't believe the only ppl commenting on this are finding the time in their lives to just talk crap about their disdain for notebooks and users who may appreciate one such as this. 1500 bucks is by no means unreasonable for what is currently offered with this one.

"I can't even imagine trying to play anything on such a cramped screen." So don't. Did anyone notice the HDMI-port?? Christ... People can play games the way they want to.

I paid 2300 for an Alienware laptop almost a year ago. This computer would smoke the living dogcrap out of it. And the Alienware does not "heat my nuts up" or whatever. Never gets noticeably warm.

Tell you what: build me a desktop with similar specs for 1500 so I can conform to your ideas of what's right and wrong in the computing world. Until you do this laptop looks friggin' awesome.



I hate laptops. I mean that. They really aren't nearly as portable as they think they are. They are portable in the same way that a toaster is portable. Just because someone can carry something around and use it doesn't mean that they would want to. I can't imagine there is that much of a market for gaming laptops. People who would want a gaming laptops probably can't afford them. BTW... $1500 for a laptop these days? It better brown toast too.



I think I'm the only one that thinks gaming laptops are silly. I can't even imagine trying to play anything on such a cramped screen. Plus, the heat from them would fry your balls like eggs after a couple hours.

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