MSI's Big Bang Fuzion Now Available, Will Blow Up Your Wallet



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I was psyched when I read this article about the Hydra.  What a sweet piece of tech and I really got to have one, that is until I saw MSI's configuration... 1156, really?  No SATA6 or USB3?  No one spends $380 on a mobo to drop an i5 or neutered i7 into it!  Where is the DDR3, SATA6, USB3, destroy the competition, gaming monster that will support a real Core i7 and the both Nvidia's and ATI's top of the line GPUs!  Can you imagine the gaming nirvana that would come from running both a GTX295 and a 5970 on a Core i7 975 pushing 5GHz!  MSI really missed the boat here.



 Seems like this being such a high end board and brand new it would have at least a couple of USB 3.0 on it. Also it being a
LGA 1156 is surprising for aiming for the ultra high end market.  If you're dropping that much $$ on a Mobo you're more likely to have the i7 920 or above.  


Still an impressive mobo though.   


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 pci x16 x3?

So could i rune 2 radeon 4580s and a nvidia card for physx? 

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Yeah, I have 2 8800GTs in my current rig... could I then toss those in with some high-end radeon?  Would it scale the radeon back to the level of my 8800GTs (like with SLI, with 2 different-level cards) or would it max out all three? So...many...questions...!



It should be able to use them all 100%, and not scale them.

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