MSI VP Predicts that a Major Motherboard maker will Drop Out in Coming Years



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Keith E. Whisman

Okay lets get this out of the way.... Eenie meanie mynie moe catch a motherboard manufacturer by the chipset toe. on and on and on and on and MSI you are it... Okay msi you gotta go.



But I hope Gigabyte and ASUS stay.



It sounds like common sense, but if these guys would focus on quality and support, I think they should be ok. I had some serious issues with one of my MSI board (a p6n diamond) from crummy sata drivers to the occasional pop in sound with creative drivers. I realize these are driver issues, but it relfects badly on the board maker. I was pulling my freaking hair out for weeks trying to get everything set up with vista. I'm still not sure I will buy another MSI board and not try a GIGABYTE.  I hear too many negatives about ASUS and don't need the cheapy parts from ECS.



it'd be a shame to see a company like msi go. ive never had any bad parts from msi or ecs, but i've had a decent amount of both asus and gigabyte boards arrive DOA or fail under normal non-oc usage.  could just be bad luck, but i usually wont go back to a company after 2 or 3 failures, well unless its the first part i get from a company then its never again(stupid rosewill psu).



It won't be ECS. Their products are too cheap compared to the other 3 to be as affected by the downturn. In fact, they might even see an uptick as system builders look to save a dime. While the MSI argument is a likely as anything, Gigabyte might spend themselves into a hole they can't get out of whilst trying to keep up with ASUS. ASUS isn't going anywhere except into new machines. 


Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!



I vote for ECS!



still hoping for changes in the coming years for this company to survive and make some profit. Its true memories (rams) are a lot cheaper these days. you can easy get a 4gb in the market..

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