MSI Upgrades GT70 0NE Gaming Laptop with GeForce GTX 680M GPU



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Who are all these trolls that mentions macs vs Gaming Pcs. Max you can get in a Mac are medium range graphics and cooling for same price as superior pc machine. You see these trolls all over the internet, seems like mac people are the least informed and who can blame them. They are not enthusiasts and probably own lots of toyotas and hondas, just appliances.



Have been researching laptops like crazy. If you will note the Msi has 2 fans exhausting air only vs the Sager with 2. This has moved me to the Sager line. Now I want a painted blue lid, getting a little bored of Black so that leads to the Origen Eos or Falcon Tlx. Unfortunately those are the two most expensive brands. Building one of these with the 680m, 256 ssd, and i7 3370 runs around 2500 to 2600 bucs.
Go to xotic pc and go for a plain black design around 2k...
I like the new Origen lids even better then the Falcon paint job.. Perhaps a few months will drop the price of the 680m, Falcon wants over 800 bucs to upgrade to that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am serious check out the website



Buy a can of spray paint in the color of your choice. Use the saved bucks for better hardware.



Or you could buy a MAC!!!.......j/k

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