MSI Unveils a Dual-Core NetTop HTPC with a Built in DVD Burner



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Keith E. Whisman

MSI is marketing this as an alternative to stand alone DVD players 

Since ur also going to be recording tv shows and downloading content off the web a 1.5tb hdd is in order.  But the idea is an alternative to a dvd player and blue ray is set to do to dvd what dvd did to vhs. A good dvd player can be had for $50bucks and it wont hurt so bad when it dies. With this thing you'll still need to get a stand alone blue ray player so your still going to need two boxes in your entertainment center when a little forsight would have integrated a bd drive into this htpc and I'm standing firm on my very correct oppinion period. 



I couldn't disagree more - as someone who runs a power sucking mid-tower machine as an HTPC, something like this is just what I need. Other small form factor media computers haven't had enough power to perform well at the other tasks I would require of it, which is why I still run a full size computer.


Keith E. Whisman

So do they also have a product for VHS and Beta Max? I mean come on a $200 to $300 dollar alternative to a standalone DVD player? Now? This late in the game? When DVD Players are being sold at an all time low price because it's a dying format like the now dead VHS they are trying to market an expensive DVD player? Were the investors informed of this? Perhaps if it had a Blue Ray burner and a seperate DVD burner it may have been a worthy contestant for the chance to occupy my entertainment center where my $39dollar DVD player now sits but alas my simple and cheap DVD player shall retain it's throne until the price of Blue Ray players drop to the sub $70 dollar mark that launched DVD players into the stratusphere as a must have living room ornament especially now when money is so tight people are less willing to waste their money. I say go back to the drawing board and replace that DVD burner with a BD burner. 

Gordon you definately need to remember this product in your next podcast rant session.

I'm sorry to say this as lots of money has been spent on the development of this product that I hope this product never makes it to the market. That someone with half a brain will stop this project in it's tracks before jobs are lost.  



Well, I did not read "DVD" so much as "HTPC" when I first read this.  If this comes with a reasonable hard drive (say, 80 Gb), and 1 Gb RAM, then this is not just a DVD player, but definitely a HTPC... meaning you can view DVDs as well as hold and play your music library and anything else you want from your network.  

 The only thing is, adding Windows, and probably +1 Gb RAM will likely bring the price up.  People saavvy enough to buy a HTPC would likely not go for this dead end (I wouldn't have).

So as a HTPC, this definitely has potential.  Both a Blu-Ray reader should have been included.



Any word on  it's capability? 1080p? 7.1 audio... is it optical out? HDMI?



also, why is it so ugly? it looks like a mini IBM desktop... 



HDMI would be nice, but i'm guessing it will either have DVI or VGA out.

Both can process 1080p for content played off the hard drive, likely you will only be limited by the output capability of your display.


Keith E. Whisman

LOL 1080P? It's only a DVD player.. LOL... Low res here. I'm sure it can probably upscale but why? What's the point? Just make this device with a BD burner instead and there will be no need to upscale to 1080P. You can still scale to 1080P for your DVD collection but a BD drive would make it unecessary to still have to add a stand alone Blue Ray player. As I said befor this product is about Three to Five years too late to the game. 



the thing is it isn;t just a dvd player its a net top meaning it has some cuputer guts to assit the DVD recording...

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