MSI Throws Down 15.6-inch Gauntlet with GT685 Gaming Notebook



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I'm currently using an MSI GX630 from 2009 which I bought "as-is" on eBay and fixed myself.

It's a good little machine, it's got pep, discrete Nvidia graphics, 4GB RAM,  250GB HDD, AMD Athlon X2 proc.

The biggest issues that it has are the akward keyboard layout (they crammed in a full num-pad into this 15.4" laptop), and all the function keys are color coded with some really, really hard to see colors.  We're talking all the F# keys and the arrow keys are maroon on black. For a gamer this is a pure nightmare, as what gamer games with bright overhead lights?   The actual funtion keys, volume up and down, mute, display brightness, etc) are all painted on with a medium blue-grey on black keys.

Battery life is sub-par for a laptop of this class which also doesn't help. 

I'm wondering if they can possibly put those spec's into this machine's price tag on release ($900).

Dan O. 



wouldn't mind seeing MSI throw down a little contest for this baby :D

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