MSI Starts Shipping Upgraded GT70 Gaming Laptops with GeForce GTX 675M Graphics



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I just purchased my GT70 with the 670m video card with 3gb of memory and this laptop rocks! this laptop plays my games as well as my high end home system and is perfect for gaming when traveling or while killing a lunch hour at work. The heat generated is disappated very well by the high airflow setup and is actually cooler on my lap then my previous hp dv7 laptop. I highly recommend the SSD raid 0 configuration (128gb), the 3rd storage drive behind it at 750gb is plenty of room for storage.



I still don't see the purpose of such high powered laptops. I know a lot of gamers and attend national lan parties, and have seen no more than a handful who have a truly gamer-level laptop. Usually, these guys also did not have a wife or child and had more money than sense... but that's usually the way of things.
Not to detract from being a cool laptop, but all of these 'gaming notebooks' just feel like a gimmick to me. Few are far betweeen do you see something actually innovative. The Razer Blade was one, but the $3k+ price tag was VERY limiting. Alienware laptops used to be a craze too... until they weren't anymore. Gaming PCs have held strong though. I could build something much more capable than this for the price they charge. Just call me a naysayer, but these things are like luxury cars... generally overpriced and not nearly worth what you pay for.



A few years ago, I would have agreed to the above statements, but the introduction of the Optimus Technology, you can use the laptop anywhere without being "tied" to a power outlet as in the past. With my laptop, I am free to now game anywhere and everywhere I want to. I am not tied to one room in one destination. The freedom these gaming laptops bring cannot be matched by a stationary gaming rig.

Yes, they are expensive. (Kinda) A great 14" Alienware laptop will run you about a $1000 and be able to blast any game on high detail. A comparable desktop would run you about $700. The gap is closer than you think. And the $300 more for the freedom? ABSO-F'in-LUTELY!

I'm sure if the demand wasn't high for these they would have faded years ago, but the truth is, they are gaining in popularity. A few years ago only Alienware was the name in the gaming laptop industry, but now you have MSI, Sager, Toshiba, Asus, Origin, Battalion, etc...

It might not be for you, but they are definitely not gimmicks.



yea, also a lot the the gaming laptops have heat issues. i cant tell you how many times i have had clients come to me and find out that there mobo or gpu is toast. it seems to decrease the life span of the laptop when you have high end mobile cards putting out so much heat. thats why i recommend APU's like A8 for gaming with they dont put out near as much heat. i leave the hardcore gaming on my desktop where i can deal with heat through my full tower. maybe gaming laptops will get better with thunderbolt if they can interface with a video card on the outside of the case.

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