MSI Starts Shipping 12-Inch Wind U210 in the U.S. Is it Still a Netbook?



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I was going to say the same exact thing.  But then I thought....theres no way the author doesn't actually know this.




Because if you just now learned the difference between a netbook and an ultra portable.......


...then stop writing about them. 



NO. This is considered an Ultra portable. Netbook specs should only be equipped with a 10.1 inch or less LCD, and be in the sub $300 moniker, Regardless of proc speed and amount of ram.



The specs you're quoting to decide a netbook at the exact specs Intel wants.  Intel won't let anyone have their processors for anything marketed as a netbook unless it is at or below those specs.  That's ridiculous.  Are you going to let Intel tell you what is an is not part of a computing category?

Instead, I'd suggest that anything bearing a specialty processor made for long life and good basic performance (AMD Neo, NVidia Ion, Intel atom) and in a miniature notebook formfactor, should be a netbook.  Yes, there are 12" screen ultraportables, but those have full-on Athlon Pentium, or Core processors inside them.



Agreed.  Netbooks are 10" screen, or under.  Anything over can't be called a netbook, and that's the bottom line.

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