MSI Slaps Triple Overvoltage Function onto New Fermi Card



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this looks stupid. no further comments.


Keith E. Whisman

That's cool, you can volt mod the card without volt modding the card. Pencil is not needed. Awesome. So can you overclock the heck out of two cards, one card installed at a time and overclocked and over volted till it's stupid fast and both running at the same clocks and then run both cards together in SLI at the overclocked and over volted settings?  Are the settings saved to the video card bios or does everything rely on settings that are saved on your computer? I hate lame setups that don't save the settings to the card because last time I ran an SLI setup it was really hard messing around with the setting for each individual card or anything I did to one card would work on the other or not show up in SLI.

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