MSI Shows Off Wind Top Touchscreen All-in-Ones



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Am I the only person who thinks that touchscreen computing in your home is a bad idea?


I mean, the actual, practical, day-to-day using of a touchscreen just doesn't seem all that appealing.  I'd rather move my wrist two inches to get a cursor across a screen than move my arm two feet to accomplish the same thing.  And are there any applications that really geniunely benefit from it?  It seems touchscreens are always shown off via demos of applications that slide photos around.  I do very little photo sliding in my day-to-day computing, and I can't think of anything I do that would greatly benefit from smearing my greasy fingers on the screen while I'm doing it.


A touchscreen on a cell phone sounds like an awesome idea.  A touchscreen on a desktop computer seems like a solution looking for a problem. 


Keith E. Whisman

And if it has a $600dollar price tag then I want one. This should be sold as an appliance.

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