MSI Preps Tablet PC for Computex Debut



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That really doesnt look like windows 7 based thing. I mean it really looks like the android OS


Keith E. Whisman

LOL.. Slatebook... Name ripoff. Like when WinXP came out AMD produced a processor called AthlonXP and there was alot of different products with the XP in the name. HP being the biggest company releasing a tablet called slate MSI wanted to capitalize on the name. LOL.. It's so embarrassing. Why do companies so blatantly steal names like this? 

That said I really want one. 10" should be the smallest display on a tablet and 12" to 15" should be the standard display range. It comes down to having enough room to manipulate the OS and Programs with your fingers without unintended triggering of other programs and switches.

And all PC based tablets should at the very least have a scanner tone from Star Treks' Original Series TriCorder. That scanning tone is what is going to make all tablets cool. Also tablets should have an LCARS based interface just to make us Trekkies happy. It would seem to me that an LCARS display would work perfectly on an tablet computer. 



If it looks that bad in a press released photo, there is no way I'm buying one.




An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.



I don't care how bad battery life is, i want my Windows 7 Tablet now please.  There are plenty of netbooks runing just fine. This is like the 6th company to announce a win 7 tablet, will they finally commit?

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