MSI Postpones Windows Tablet, Focuses on Android Instead



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It makes me wonder if Microsoft is up to something here? Lenovo just said they're holding on Win 7 tablets until 2011. Do they know something we don't? Maybe MS is secretly chatting behind the scenes with hardware makers to have them purposefully postpone their tablet hardware until a more streamlined tablet OS can be released? Something Windows Phone 7-ish perhaps? Just thinking out loud, and probably wishful thinking on my part. Or these manufacturers could simply be waiting for Intel's next-gen mobile chips, also coming in 2011.



While I am excited about Android OS on tablets and I like that manufacturers are rethinking how to implement Windows on a tablet, I can't help but think of Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Netbook OS would be great if adapted for a touch screen setup. (Maybe it already is?)

The Open Source community is very good about making things work and I can see where using Ubuntu would be an excellent option for a power user or somebody who wanted just a bit more from the tablet than the paltry offerings of iOS. 

I want to know what others think of this idea. (No Fanboi Stupidity)

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