MSI Launches Wind Top All-In-One Desktop with AMD Inside



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This has decent specs, I like the hard drive space, the ram of course prolly could be swapped out for upgrade.

For 650 bucks, Id say this is something that I would buy as a gift, something for like my mother or relative even a friend. It has built in wifi so it be great to use in a kitchen, on a coffee table (if the set up is right). I could see these devices even being a good tool to use in a college class room. 

 It wasnt too long ago that in a class room that I was talking to a professor about ways to increase desk space by getting rid of the pcs and using laptops or something of that sort. 

These would be just the thing and at 650 dollars per unit.. Thats faiirly decent for home, office and school usages. 



 specks looks lince but...can it play Crysis? (or at least most MMOs?)

a touch screen mmo would be snazzy

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



I'd like to get one for my bedroom movie watching, but I read a lot of complaints

in the "user reviews" about these type of units. 



"they're calling insane hogs???"



you guys posting comments are too much!  I fail to see how MaximumPC sold out to AMD or how this is an adverstisement.  All MaximumPC has done with the article is post the specs, and quote the manufacturer on operation!  I think this machine definitely has a place.  I'd use one in my kitchen.



You fail to see the AMD "Resource Center"  or the fake news articles?



Sorry Nuxes, I didn't see any of that....until I visited the website from work where all the ads and stuff are let through.  I accidentally clicked on one that brought me to a website to purchase a laptop!



Admittedly the hardware specs aren't very "maximum", but I could imagine my parents enjoying something like this.

Did I miss part of the article?  Where is all the biased "praising"?  This looks like every other product-release announcement. 



I can't wait to not buy this thing!!



Strange. This looks AMAZINGLY similar to the Apple Cinema Displays from 2003. Look here:


And also strange that MaxPC would praise this after always slamming Apple for always being about aesthetics.





Is this an article or an advirtisement?  Ever since MaxPC sold out to AMD it's been hard to tell the difference

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