MSI Introduces "Supersized" 17.3-Inch Notebook with Discrete Graphics



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this post give you a lot of info provided..........



laptops in pakistan



Still nothing to my old HP pavilion. 19" widescreen with a 3.2ghz p4 HT (actual socket 478, not mobile) processor and a FXgo5700. Heatmonster and battery hog.



I also Bought a Msi ex25 For less the
700 bucks. I am Very happy with this purchase. Like the fist post
below I also have the 2ghz core 2 with the 4670. It a great gaming
laptop! There are some drawbacks to the unit. The plastic shell is
Cheap and flimsy. But very durable. I Chucked it a couple of feet
onto a hard surface and it Bounced like a ball LOL and nothing broke.
I put this little Laptop through some torture and the only thing that
stopped working is the web cam. Plays all new games perfect and with
no heat issues. I admit the sound it Excellent quality with that Sub.
Battery life is Low with my 6 cell battery. I always use it as a
jukebox out by the camp fire. Dropped it into the dirt a few times as
well. I shouldn't be so hard on the little thing because I will
probably never be able to afford a laptop. But Material things are
meaningless in this short life!

I say thank you MSI for building a
Cheap laptop the everyday man can afford while making 10 bucks an
hour! And I don't have to watch my fiend play his xbox360 every time
I go over his house, I just boot this baby up and start up a game of
resident evil 5 or another game I feel like! So I am really happy
with MSI products! Never had a MSI fail yet. And there cooling
solutions are the best.



What about gaming on this? The mobile gpu in this one is not listed at, so how can we, the potential buyer, know if this is game worthy?

Sincerely yours, from Fort Lewis, WA

SGT Samuel E. McClard II

Life's a journey, enjoy the ride!!


Keith E. Whisman

Must be a typo. Probably an HD5450.It'll game but like mine not real great but it will play games and that is all that matters when you look at the prices of alot of these laptops. I have a wish list approach when I go looking at notebooks and try to get as much as I can for what little I have. You'll be surprised how much laptop you can get for under $800 Dollars US.


Keith E. Whisman

These Laptops are pretty good Main-stream laptops and you get alot of bang for your buck. I paid less than $600 bucks for mine. Came with a 16" LCD, 4gb ram, 320GB HDD, 2.1 speakers with connections for 7.1 surround using your favorite analog speakers, 2GHZ Core 2 Duo and an ATI Radeon HD4570 w/512mb ddr2. Sure my laptop isn't a power house but for the little bit of money I paid for it, it's a great bargain and consider that I am able to get almost all of the games to run nice on it you really can't call it an entry level computer anymore. I would consider a notebook with Intel integrated graphics to be entry level and if that is what makes a notebook entry level then there are alot of more expensive notebooks out there that just can't compete with what I can do on a $600 dollar laptop. So I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss MSI's laptops they have some really great value. And by the way mine actually came with a finger print reader. Cool. I had to install Win7 Ultimate 64bit though as it only comes with 32bit OS. 

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