MSI Introduces GT780 Notebook for "Extreme Gamers"



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I think this is good for those that want a little more oomph from their laptop but are very mobile, like me.



$1700 at NewEgg.

I dunno. I'm thinking that if I want to drop $1700, it would go into a desktop, and would be a lot more powerful that this thing.

Starting around $600, you can get laptops with discrete video solutions that will run games fairly well. As you near $1,000, you can get the larger 17" screens and really good video processors.

But some people have money to burn, so what the hell.



I have the older Asus version of this (G73) and was looking to buy the newer Asus (G74) or this MSI laptop. I am too mobile to use a desktop (work at several diff places/customers in 1 day) and my engineering software half works on my cuttent Asus. It's a pig. 

So I'll be upgrading here soon, hopefully the new Nvidia cards are better than my current ATI.....



Brad L

This looks like it would be great for watching movies (sarcasm).  I would buy this if it offered a 16:10 display - 1920x1200 or 1680x1050 resolution.



" currently the company's fastest mobile graphics part." What about the GTX 485M? It is much faster than the GTX 560M.



Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps it should be written as it's latest enthusiast graphics part.


Keith E. Whisman

These are suppose to cost around $1500 bucks base sticker price. 

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