MSI Injects Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M into G Series Gaming Laptops



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Keith E. Whisman

Wow look at what kind of Mobile hardware $2000 gets you. $2000 dollars used to buy you just a basic laptop with hardware that was at least a generation behind desktops and usually 2 or 3 generations behind.  It's a great time to be a consumer. 



I bought GT683DXR from for 1599.99 w/ free shipping.  I use this to game and record my lectures in class.  In turbo battery mode, it says 4hours 57mins, while sound recorder is running.  When it's not plugged in AC, can't use Turbo button (oc's the vid card 5%) but I'm sure there's a good reason for that :P


a pair of 500GB 7200RPM in RAID 0 for 1TB hard drive, 12GB RAM, 1920x1080 display, loving my laptop.  The breathing lights, or synch to MP3s is a nice touch too.  Keyboard is nice and responsive, the buttons on the touchpad, require a 'tad' more effort, but I usually have my BT mouse anyway.



I have one of these, and all I can say is it's quite awesome. The GTX570M is very capable at the native resolution of 1080p, plays Crysis 2 with high res textures and DX11 without a hitch. I'm also loving the speakers and keyboard.



I have bben thinking of buying an msi gaming laptop, how is the battery life?

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