MSI GT780DX Laptop is Chock Full of Gaming Greatness



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17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) or HD+ (1600x900) LED backlight

I don't game, but I do edit video, film and pics. I don't like the trend for 1080p becoming the standard for screen resolution. We have had superior resolutions in the PC world for decades. That is saying something. The fact that my Dell M1710 had a native resolution of 1920x1200 5 years ago and pretty much the only machines that I can get these days are Macbook Pros demonstrates a failure in the industry.

I am saddened to see Max PC bucking to this trend by glorifying laptops that can't achieve resolutions like this. The difference in screen real estate is significant. 

I understand that my complaints aren't specific to this laptop. It seems to have a solid foundation at a reasonable price. I just wish Maximum PC would start addressing this trend.



Nice specs, but how is the built quality? I had an MSN notebook that died after 11 months. It had many problems before dying, so in the end, buying a new/different brand notebook was my best option. When I picked the notebook up from the bottom left corner, it shorted out. I was not happy with the build quality at all. I wonder if this notebook is better?



And off topic, but the thing that bothers me is the whole WASD deal.  I use home row for movement, and so bind asdf like so:

a=forward, s=back, d=strafe L and f=strafe R

in everygame I play, and if it doesn't suppport that key config, I DON'T play it (exception maybe for SCII). 

I almost wish I hadn't gotten into this habbit, but it's what I've been doing for 10+ YEARS. 

Similarly for the past four years, I map mouse keys to

p[]\ ;',./ 

Now if I could only find a solid replacement for the MX-Revolution mouse...





Wow is correct. pretty good one. With notebooks like that, who needs an XBox. Oh, wait... Maybe we should check with Microsoft .... aaaah, never-mind. lol



Yeah, WOW! Seems like quite good specs for the price, and the keyboard lighting is incredible.

Can we get a review of this one? :)  I'm actually pretty serious about getting one since my last laptop had the crappy nvidia chipset that died.



I agree, a review on this will be nice...I wonder how it will stand up to heaving gaming and if it has any heat/battery issues.

And even better, if they send me one for my own review...LOL



Just one word "WOW". That is probably the best I've seen so far. Love the Design and specs.

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