MSI First to Ship Gaming Laptop Using Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560M GPU



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so I'm stuck between waiting on the Gigabyte laptop or using my loan money for this. Decisions, decisions



Wish they would have swapped the audio ports and the SD card slot.  It's bad enough when this happens on regular laptops, but why put a port that gamers are likely to use on the right-hand side of a gaming laptop?


Keith E. Whisman

$1500 bucks? Holy shit! thats a great price for a gaming laptop. Look at what you can get these days. Man laptops have really improved in performance and have come way the hell down in price since the days of old. Thanks for the great article.


So that's why I never got a second date from a one night stand. Just glad I found my wife that puts up with me shouting first every night.



Love the specs but not the aesthetics. Semi-uber config in a 14" size wouldn't hurt either.



One of these or its next gen children will definitely be my next laptop purchase.

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