MSI Expects to Ship 50% More Notebooks in 2010



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MSI Notebooks seem to be doing well in the reliability area. And turely, this area alone is what makes or breaks a Notebook line. I'd buy an MSI notebook myself were I in a position to. 

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I purchased an MSI notebook for my girlfriend for Christmas, and it was broken out of the box.  The wifi was jinky, only working about 20 percent of the time, and the webcam kept turning itself off.  Customer support was very responsive, but not very professional.  They  told me I needed to update the drivers on the laptop (the laptop that had no internet connection).  The customer rep actually blamed NVidia, saying they had put out parts without sufficient driver support (my question is why MSI then put them into their laptops??!!)

In the end, the driver update didn't fix anything, the wifi card (and most probably the motherboard) was bad, and none of the parts that were messed up had anything to do with NVidia.  I returned the laptop and now my girlfriend is loving her brand new Sony Viao.

A word to the wise: you get what you pay for.



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