MSI CX620 3D Laptop Announced



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Hasn't MSI heard? Bluetooth 3.0 is out.

BTW, holy crap, that is a lot of spam.


Keith E. Whisman


BTW, I just replaced the HDD in my MSI laptop with a new 500GB Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive and I've gotta say it's a thrill. OEM's should offer the Momentus XT as an option. 

I really like the new keyboard style, I really wish my laptop were equipped with the chicklet style keys like in the picture. Really wish MSI would offer higher end graphics but for the price point MSI aims for it's just really hard to justify the costs involved I guess. 

If my last Gen MSI laptop is any gauge of the MSI formfactor, MSI laptops are fairly easy to work on, with a large cover that gives access to the HDD, both memory slots, spare mini PCIExpress slot, CPU, network card and that is pretty much it. Remove some more screws and do a little prying and you can change out your DVD burner, in fact that is my next project, including locating the extra internal SATA slot that Intel software reports is available and unoccupied. 

If my MSI laptop has the same dimensions as the one in the picture, then you have plenty of room for the larger 1TB 2.5" HDD.

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