MSI: CR430 Laptop Offers More Bang for Your Buck (Take Our Word for It)



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It is an interesting machine, price is low, small but powerful enough to complete day to day internet surfing needs. It is easy to bring along and I am absolutely love it. Due to the nature that the price is low thus we have to sacrifice on the build quality of the laptop. Mine eee pc already having a broken touchpad. Not likely a break but just discoloration on surface due to long usage of it. As fixing solution, I get a matching white touchpad skin from to match the white body of eee pc laptop.
Seriously I do hope I found this offer earlier and protect it with transparent one since first day of owning the laptop. A small investment could caused a big different. My next laptop would certainly get protected.



Big ATI and AMD fan would like one for my self.

Sub $500.00 would be nice.



Can't you dump the DVD burner already? Who needs it?

Also, how does the E450 compare to the E350?

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