MSI Claims 90% Better Cooling with SuperPipe Technology



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I bought a Msi GTX 260 with this cooler for under 200 bucks. It has performed Wonderfully with A overclocked 260 655/1500/1050 never goes over 60c in a hot room. fan speed is 40% and quite as well. The 260 I have with the HSF Does not have the Superpipe tech and still is one of the coolest 260's ive seen in my professional experience. 5 heatpipes and 2 fans. more then enough. this superpipe is an exact copy on my HSf but with the 2 new superpipes

I am happy with this cooler it is as good as it says it is. I upgraded this from the duorb on a 8800gt , It used fatter copper heat pipes. I always perfer the open fan heat pipe design. No Hairdryer sounds coming from my machine. If you ask me STOCK is A flawed design . cheap simple and a waste of metal. Anyone knows you can't just keep your stock HSF below 60c on stock fan speeds like this /MSI




That card looks badass!



i like msi.  they seem to always put good aftermarket coolers on their cards while keeping their prices towards the lower end of the spectrum.  that gets my money every time.



Most will still buy the stock-brands, like EVGA or whatever. The average consumer just wants the standard....though it's questionable if an 'average consumer' would buy these cards altogether, you know what i mean. I'm fine with my stock 280s, and the 285s never had a heat issue to address in the first place.....


Anyway, at least MSI is doing SOMETHING to differentiate themselves from the competition. 



*Yawn*, another heatpipe design with high hopes, what's new?

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