MSI Calls Shenanigans on Gigabyte's PCI-E Gen 3 Ready Claims



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Neel Chauhan

Gigabyte will fail. They make flase claims like this one and will go down one day unless you make gigabyte stop making false claims and living on the old school BIOS instead of the modern EFI. If you fail at that then make Apple outsource manufacturing their ipads and macs and iphones to gigabyte instead of foxconn.


h e x e n

Gigabyte is crap anyway. Six years ago I purchased two Gigabyte boards and both bit the dust about a year and a half in. They are the only boards I have owned that have just completely stopped working one day, not related to user error. I still have a six year old Chaintech VNF4 Ultra board that works and which cost less.


MSI, ASUS and Foxconn ftw.



Stop throwing your motherboards around then. I've owned lots of Gigabyte stuff, not a single one has died (3 years+).



Deceptions such as this can get a company into major hot water with the FTC and other federal agenices. But then again it sounds like business as usual in the good ol' USA.



No kidding... I remember when 4G mean a revolutionary standard ten times faster than 3g in Cellular communications, a documented set of standards and practices. Now it's "whatever the fark we say it means."

Apparently the PCIe Spec is headed in the same direction. What next? sticking a blue plastic tongue into a USB port and therefore declaring it to be USB3?



Too bad Gigabyte is based out of Taiwan.

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