MSI Begins Shipping CX640, CR640 Mainstream Laptops



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"Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor, up to 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive storage, and two USB 3.0 ports."

IMHO  4GB RAM doesn't seem like much, at least 8GB or even 12GB would be much better on a low end anymore especially if you get the i7 model.

Also HDMI would be GREAT on a slab like this along with readiness for HDBaseT specs, and it wouldn't hurt to throw in Gigabit wifi atheros chipset (comming 2012) 802.11ac.(still in draft)

Thinks Imma keep hunting for another Intel i7 Slabtop to replace my aging Acer slab.



“Are you in the market for an entry-level notebook built around a second generation Intel Core  i processor?”

They DO have HDMI.  4 GB RAM???  Well, that IS “entry level” – especially for a laptop.  And future proofing an “entry level” laptop would “hurt” in the wallet.  “readiness for HDBaseT specs” “it wouldn't hurt to throw in Gigabit wifi atheros chipset (comming 2012) 802.11ac.(still in draft)” – it’s not like it doesn’t have a giga LAN AND b/g/n WLAN Card.  Maybe it’s me, it usually is, but it doesn’t sound like you are looking for an “entry level” device.



I agree, he is not looking for an "entry level" device. He's looking for more along the lines of a higher-end type of device.

At least 8GB's or RAM? Most laptops that i know of top off around that. Only really high-end type of laptops have more then that and those are definately not "entry level."

Also, looking for computers that have a Gigabit WIFI atheros chipset and 802.11ac standard (both of which is still in development) is asking way too much.

Maybe he should wait a few years before those types of technology is in the market, before criticizing how a specific laptop doesn't have technology that NO ONE HAS.

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