MSI Announces Big Bang XPower II Motherboard



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I have an NZXT Phantom case currently. I plan to upgrade to either the Intel 3930x or 3960x when this motherboard is available (MSI Big Bang XPower II). I see that it is xl-atx sized, though... I there any way I can shoehorn it in without major modifications (hammer and saw)?

Thanks in advance.



I agree, I went through 3 MSI boards with all kinds of problems when building my Z68 rig. Two were DOA and the last one was all messed up with voltage regulation. Finally dumped them for ASUS new Gen3 Z68 and it worked flawless. Of course I hated ASUS for years because of a bad build in the early 2000's. I am happy I live next to a Microcenter. :)



There's no mention of the 6 SATA III ports in their curent product announcement that was mentioned in the 11/08 article. 

Something tells me they ain't there. 



Doesn't matter, since its an MSI motherboard, which means that its going to break within the first few months.



Been using a MSI 790fx-gd70 for about 2 years now in my main gaming rig and never had a problem.

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