MS Offers Free Windows 7 Ultimate to Invitation-only Beta Testers



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Yea! I have been running since build 7000 too! I want a free copy!



just like microsoft decided to allow pirated copies to recieve updates directly from them because for some reason people think that even though they pirated it they are entitled to everything and have the right to complain.



This sucks... I have been running 7 since 7000.... I got suckered into Vista Ultimate... I think those like me should get a copy too.



Is microsoft trying to save money by offering Windows 7 in a Vista box? (he he) See, this proves that Windows 7 is nothing more than Vista corrected.



ZOMG! Its a plastic box with one rounded corner, they just repackaged vista! Give me a break. And to prove how much you fail, its not even the same box, the new packaging opens up like a CD/DVD case to make it easier for the thick skulled people like you to figure them out. Apparently a study showed that 50% of people that complained about how crappy vista was actually never used it, because they weren't smart enough to get the box open.


p.s. - If your post was an attempt at sarcasm it missed the mark :D



the origional posted box was quite literally windows vista ultimate with a hinge at the bottom. logos and all. It took only took 5 hours to figure it out... thank you very much!

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