MS Logged 2.35 Million IE9 Downloads on First Day



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I installed it on the wifey's laptop and tried it out. It is wonderful. Much faster than IE8 and very streamlined. If I wasn't still running XP, I would install it on my system and relegate Firefox to a secondary browser again.



Okay, I downloaded IE9 but ran into many problems. Engadget, legitreviews, hulu, and many other sites did not load at all. After unistalling and reinstalling, updating graphics driver, disabling addons, etc., etc, nothing worked, those sites still did not display correctly. Legitreviews was nothing but a big grey box.  Hulu was just a big blank black screen  I called Microsoft and they told me that this version of IE9 is still not the final version.  It's RTM (release to market) which is not the final version. Apparently, Microsoft will release the "real" final version in a few days.  All the tech could do was get me to uninstall IE9, which basically reverts you back to IE8.  Even though I told her that others seemed to be viewing those sites just fine with IE9, it made no difference.  I even read her this Maximum PC article, where 2.35 million people have download IE9.  I guess going "gold" isn't what it used to be.

Has anybody else out there experienced this kind of problem? I installed IE 9 on 2 machines and they both have the same problem (both running Win 7 Pro 64-bit).



how many of those "2.35 million" downloads were of computers with windows updates set to automaitcly download and install? i would also like to see the true numbers of actual user downloads not just windows updates. im sure that number will be significantly lower.



I have 6 PC's at my house, all running Windows 7 Ultamate.  Not a one of those computers have IE9 as an option for download in "Windows Update".



That could very well be true...

I shall boot up my Windows when I get home to see if that is the case (I look through all the updates and weed out what I don't want/need). I'm sure the IE9 downloads would be significantly lower w/o updates.



It still hasn't shown up on my computer either.



If you use MediaMonkey to organize your digital music, installing IE9 (as of 03/16/2011) will make MediaMonkey windows lock-up when you try to resize them.

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