MPAA Snuffs Out Another 29 File Sharing Sites



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So if I am to understand your picture correctly, you equate shutting down pirate sites that support illegal downloading of movies to the murder of a helpless bedridden innocent victim? You have a warped sense of humor. Or a warped sense of right and wrong? (Or both)



The problem with your comment is that these sites were never proven to be infringing in court. They take the word of the MPAA to decide who is infringing and who isn't. I am actually ok with it as long as there is due process of law this is just bullshit though.



...the rest of Tim Kuik's comments.

"We also don't list the site names because we like to keep this secret so no one can review our Gestapo-like methods.  We like our victims to die silently."

Sarcasm off.

Fearing for my freedom still on.



That's a pretty nice picture.

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