MPAA Says Anti-Piracy Efforts Are Reason Behind The Dark Knight Success



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Perplexing Man

I agree with what you have to say. Enough is enough already I'm guilty of downloading movies (not any more but a couples years ago yeah). Anymore I think it's sad people do download but I will not be a hypocrite about it I've done it so therefore I will not judge. The few times I did so I still went out to see the movie at the theatre anyways. Also technically this is not Heath's last film as reported by I believe the success is due to the popularity of the first installment with some minor contributions from the cast more so than people only seeing it because Heath died.Need I remind you in 1994 a young promising actor named Brandon Lee died tragically on the set of "The Crow" however even though it was hyped up greatly it only grossed 94 million worldwide even though considering the budget was 15 million it would be consider a hit I personally do not see it that way. So MPAA think twice before you speak last I checked there are pirated copys all over the net so that tells me you did NOT success in stopping or even slowing this trend down.



on principle, i have to download the movie after reading this.



Here's a possible angle as well..  This is the last movie the late Mr. Heath Ledger is in.  Could it not also be people and his fans wanting to see this as a tribute to him?



Good point. I am sure that will play into folks wanting to see the movie in theaters too.



The MPAA is, rather unsurprisingly, 95% wrong.  The only reason I'm giving them 5% credit is that they actually appear to have realized that the Hulk movie didn't do so hot...  Of course, they don't seem to realize that it's because the movie blew, not because of pirates.

And about Dark Knight.  I'm a member/moderator of a forums community with a lot of members that...  Well, we'll just say that they don't have any qualms about breaking laws with their torrenting.  And yet there is a lengthy thread about how awesome Dark Knight was...  In fact, many remark about thinking about going to see it again (in theaters, or perhaps in IMAX)...  This is pretty much more anecdotal proof of what we've been trying to say all along.  The MPAA needs to realize that people are still willing to pay (more than once, even) for GOOD movies in theatre.  The industry is not dead.  Stop excusing a recent history of poor season blockbusters on pirating.  People are still willing  to pay out the nose for the theatre experience.  You just gotta break the cookie cutter formula and put out something worth people's while...  Congrats to the Dark Knight on doing that.

I know my constant misuse of ellipses in this comment leaves me no ground to stand on, but the last guy has a point...  The "level of polish" so to speak on this is a little below most of what we're seeing on here.  It's not unreadable by any means, and definitely props on the content itself...  And it's all mostly stupid, little stuff like misconjugated verbs, some absent punctuation (see: commas), and in one case I think it's just a missing word that most of us automatically filled in the blank with anyway.  We know you guys are focusing on just getting the news out first and not trying to put out masterpieces every time...  I think it's just that there's a high level of expectation for professionalism for anything Maximum PC.  I think the naysayers of this year's Dream Machine should evidence that point.  

Overall, I still liked the article. :D



You raise a good point. Screeners are usually pretty poor quality. Those pirate versions may entice people to go see it in the theater if they liked the shaky and grainy screener.

Thanks, I’m glad someone liked it. :)



Of course the MPAA's claim is ridiculous.

And somebody needs to proofread this  article, because it's even worse than most of the stuff you guys have been putting up lately. 



Thanks for the feedback. Many (not all) of the Bloggers posting here are amateurs, not professional journalists. I do this because I enjoy being a bit creative. This is not what puts bread and butter on my table (fortunately for me).

Admittedly I am pressed for time sometimes and don't get to read through a post more than once before I need to go on to something else. Editors are not proofing these stories because of the medium it’s in. These are blogs reflecting the personal opinion and views of the writer. Don't confuse blogging with professional journalism.

That said, if you have a problem with the way I wrote something, email me. If you don't agree with my point of view, post and make your thoughts known. You may be entirely right!

Nothing is lamer than being nitpicked on about grammer. I don't expect these to end up in the magazine. That is what the big boys are for.



So, what you're saying is that it would be uncouth and possibly mean to point out that it's actually spelled "grammar"?





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