MPAA Head Lashes Out At Blackout "Gimmick" While SOPA Co-Sponsors Withdraw Support



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... I'm very sick and tired of politicians ( or "important people" in general) using "jobs!" as their buzzword and justification for such nonsense. Everything they do will "create jobs". Last I heard, the unemployment rate is still at 8.5%, and I'm sure we've passed a ton of bills that promised "more jobs".

So f$#@ any politician who throws the word "jobs" like it means something.



Abuse of power? Like suing some retired grandmother for tens of thousands of dollars she doesn't have, because her granddaughter downloaded a few songs off LimeWire?



@MrSelatcia It has passed to some degree but currently has yet to reach a SENATE vote due JAN. 24th(edit: has been delayed until february due to the uprising of the tech community) and alot of the people who previously co-sponsored the bill have withdrawn from it.



Pardon my ignorance. I'm not a US citizen and your system of government sometimes confuses me. How is the chairman of the MPAA a US Senator? This screams "conflict of interest" to me. Can someone enlighten me, because I am confused.




To Jox

This happens because the majority of politicians and major office holders are corrupt so they turn a blind eye to things like that. It happens all the time. There was a chairman in the FCC that quit a month after the FCC approved the Comcast/NBC merger and went to work for NBC as a lobbyist. It made headlines but in the end nobody did anything about it. Government officials are in the pockets of the companies that contribute the most money to their campaign funds.

It's hard to fix the system when the only people that can really do something about it are the same ones corrupting the system. Sure, we can vote for a new guy to take office but chances are he's already corrupt or will end up that way.



RUS pretty much called it. For further insight, google "Nancy Pelosi insider trading" to see how she helped shape our great nations credit laws all while owning about three million dollars in VISA stock. Democrats and Republi-cons alike.



After retiring from public "service," our politicians routinely take jobs with companies they helped pass legislation for. Our politicians are bought and paid for by large corporations and wealthy private interests. Just think of them as whores, like we do.



We elect officials to represent OUR interests. They need to stop forgetting that.



MrSelatcia, your comment made me smile. :)

Back to the subject, though, isn't this a clear-cut example of the pot calling the kettle black? I'm sure Mr. Dodd and company would love it if Americans would just roll over and take it - and our money and freedoms, as well. After all, isn't it so much easier to do things "your way?"

It amazes me the number of childish things that go on in a fight between various adults on hot-topic matters. As soon as someone starts fighting back, the typical reaction - demonstrated perfectly by Mr. Dodd here - is "They can't do that! That's not fair!" And yet, Mr. Dodd is out on the playground bullying kids himself into his way of doing things...

Mr. Dodd, grow up. No one blacking out today wants to lose the rights and privileges that allow them to make the money off of the work they create. No one blacking out today wants you to lose money off of the work that you and your clients create, either. What we don't want is to be bullied and intimidated into your way of control, or into your way of creation. We don't want to stop you from making money off of your work, we just don't want you - or anyone else - telling us what we can or can not do and how we can or can not do it.



Since facebook wouldn't blackout today, I deactivated my own page for the day and let them know why. Guess I'm just another "corporate pawn" too. I have no idea how I'll sleep tonight.

Seriously Dodd, eat it. I'd go the rest of my life without the internet altogether if you, and all the little narrow-minded ticks like you, would just scamper off, form your own little country of insufferable pricks, and just leave the rest of us the hell alone.






Fact Check: Senator Roy Blount is not from Montana. There is a Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri, but Montana's senators are Max Baucus and John Tester.

As for a lobbyist upset that the bill he is pushing is being protested? What else is new? The RIAA is doing similar things and they are all guilty of what they accuse the protestors. < cough > pawns < cough >



This is the same former senator who when he retired from the senate said he wasn't going to get into lobbying and then 3 months later takes the head lobbying position for the MPAA. This guy is a piece of shit wearing a suit.



well, I had a well thought out response to this, but it seems sopa has already passed...

"Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted."



Last I checked, the sites belong to their respective owners. If they want to block out their site, that's their own damn business and none of Dodd's business, be he a former senator, MPAA President, or ordinary citizen.

As for Dodd's comments, the devil called and said he's scoring a little too high on the LIE-O-METER and he better knock it off less the devil feel like he has some competition.

That I would love to see.



You know, if SOPA/PIPA does pass through, you could take this exact release, change all of the 'tech companies' to 'SOPA supporting bungholes' and still have the same gist of the letter. Example:

A so-called “Stop Online Piracy Act” is yet another gimmick, albeit a dangerous one, designed to punish consumers and internet media creators who are working diligently to protect their jobs from administrative criminals. It is our hope that the White House and the Congress will call on those who intend to stage this “PIPA” to stop the hyperbole and PR stunts and engage in meaningful efforts to combat piracy.






Just because they removed their names as co-sponsors of the bill does not mean that they will still not ram it through like this horrible administration has. Not only does SOPA and PIPA need to be gone, but so does this destructive administration in the 2012 vote.



Be sure and let Mr Gantman know how you feel

Howard Gantman
(202) 293-1966



"It is also an abuse of power"

Really? This guy reminds me of Senator Palpatine.

"administration officials who are working diligently to protect American jobs from foreign criminals."

And who is diligently protecting us from administration officials and you?



Senator Palpatine!!!!!


it would get a lot of attention from all us geeks and techies!

I can't stop laughing!!


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