Mozy Closes Unlimited Data Buffet, Serves Up Tiered Storage



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I've got just under 200GB of very static data (photos and video) that I've been keeping backed up via Mozy. Looks like I'm going to carbonite now. No way am I paying the new tiered price.


Jer Stryker

Time to switch to Carbonite (or check out this Crashplan).  This would bring me from $5 a month to $25 a month to back up all my stuff.

And yes, I also have a home server and no other offsite way to back up that's both cheap and convenient.

IMO phsycially backing up offsite sucks and is a hassle when you can get instant cloud backup for a dollar a week.  (Just not from Mozy anymore)

Here is a good read written by a well-respected magazine:

In Search of the Ultimate Back Up



This is one of the reasons why I have an otherwise useless Dell PC from 1999 that has been repurposed to do backups and perform as a file server. I put a SATA card and 2x 250GB drives inside, and it does its job. Online backups are a big question mark, and it's too slow to back up anyways.

Anyways, I have never used Mozy, but the subscribers who have bought unlimited plans should look at the fine print. It probably has a stipulation unlimited backup plan from switching to a tiered plan *without notice* and for *any reason*.  Online backups are supposed to be an addition to physical backups, not the only solution. DVDs are cheap and will always be available, and so will external HDDs and file servers. And as far as physical backups and their safety, make copies (encrypted or password-protected, of course) and place them off-site.



Windows Home Server...

It's the only way to go.


P.S.  why don't subjects show up any more?



I keep a USB backup in my office at work and back up from home over VPN.  If you don't have VPN access just bring the disk home with you once a week.



Not sure why someone wouldn't just build their own home server and add a few extra drives to store everything. Oh never mind, that would take some initiative.



You might want to ask Francis Ford Coppola why that's a bad idea. You know, the famous director, who had his PC and all his external backup drives stolen from his house in Argentina...


Joe The Plummer

The point of Mozy, Carbonite, ASUSwebstorage, CrashPlan and their ilk is to have an offsite backup in case disaster strikes at home. If you backup all your home pc's/laptops to the home server that you keep at home and your house is destroyed by fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. you're out of luck. Those backups are gone.

I use Home Server and have been looking for an offsite backup option that didn't cost a ton of money. Carbonite is pretty affordable at $55 a year for unlimited, however it doesn't back up exe or large files automatically, you have to manually back them up and they don't guarantee it will work with Home Server, although I've read reports of people using it successfully. Mozy supported Home Servers except you had to pay what companies pay for the service. They didn't offer consumer pricing so they were never an option for me.

I'm going to test out CrashPlan, this may be the best bet as they offer unlimited for $50 a year for one computer and support Home Server as well as the ability to backup to media or other computers right from their software.

For those with not a lot of data to backup, Microsoft offers 25GB of online backup for all Windows Live accounts.

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