Mozilla Working on Opt-in Activation for Plugins



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Chrome has had this functionality for at least a year now. It's really nice.



I'd love to be able to do away with Flash and Java, as both have proven to be security problematical, and force updates on you whether you want them or not. (I may always want the update, but if I set everything to "don't check for updates" and your program still does, I get irritated - and I get really mad when an update, or a request for one, messes with my gaming!)

One thing I don't like about all the Firefox updates we've been going through, is that some addons are broken every time. I'd like to see Mozilla work better with addon makers, so we don't get broken ones as often. (This may be beyond Mozilla's control though.)




"Mozilla also plans to allow itself to remotely enable this option in case of out-of-date and/or vulnerable plugins." This is the part that concerns me. WTF are these morons thinking? It's like they insist on taking three steps back for every one they take forward.



Yo dgmouse,

Don't know who the morons are, you or Firefox (actually I do), but what's your problem. From the information given, [they plan to allow it's self to remotely enable this option in case of out-of-date and/or vulnerable plugins].
Now reading the words (not making stuff up as you read) what it sounds like is that they will enable the plugin and list the out-of-date and/or vulnerable plugins in a "black list". If you really want to get hacked, I am sure you can remove them from the list and use them as you want.
This policy will be good for the times you worked on "uncle Fred's" PC lo these many years ago & put on FF because it was safer etc. You or Fred installed a plugin & forgot it. Now the plug in is out-of-date & you are nowhere to be found!
I would like to know your exact problem with this policy or STFU.



I use the Flashblock addon for Firefox. It's a global toggle so it's easier to use IMO than having to click on every component you want to load.



I go nuts having to use my PC at work with crappy IE8, since I am sans-Flashblock and Adblock. The web is just so much more peaceful!

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