Mozilla Will Take Any Means Necessary to Make Sure You're Using Firefox 3.5



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I'm already using 3.5.x on my desktop, and I'm waiting for the people in charge of the ubuntu repos to stop ************************************* and update the repos, and my lappy will have it too. Or just wait for 9.10.



Twice as fast? In what category exactly? I've used 3.5 and the final release after the BETA was absolute garbage. When my PC starts up, if I want to start FF up fast, I have to start up 2 instances of it, then kill the first instance that started, not to mention the "server not found" error on 1/3 of the sites that I visit (including this one.) Sure a refresh fixes it, but it's a hassle. Oh, and everyone seemed to forget about the vulnerability in some Java code, again, simple fix, but no reason the end-user should have to fix Mozilla's screw-ups. (article on this site.)

Also, don't even say "check your add-ons" because I'm running the exact same add-ons from 3.5 on 3.0.13 and have not had either the startup slowdown, OR the server refresh. GG

When the FF developers actually read the forum posts and feedback stating these problems, I will CONSIDER upgrading, until then, mozilla can shove 3.5 up their rear-ends.



I changed over to Chrome and have not looked back at Firefox since. It was awesome when I first started using it but then it started to become slow, would hang all the time, would crash ect. So I gave Chrome a try and it was stupid fast. Only thing it didn't do was sync bookmarks but I can do that now too.



The reason I had to hold out is 3.5 and 3.5.1 had major issues which includes the fact that it crashed anytime I started to do something.

I finally updated to 3.5.2 and that seems to have resolved the issue of crashin but now it just freezes up at times, which is pretty much annoying.  Again, considering going back to 3.0.13



The reason I don't upgrade to 3.5 is becuase, and I know this is minor and might sound stupid, but that plus sign at the end of the last tab on the bar. I can't stand it being there.



There's actually an addon that gets rid of it. Remove New Tab Button is the name.



 what IS the hold out? It's not like upgrades cost you moneh

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I wonder as well... At first, there was the dropped .NET support, but now they've remedied that and I see no reason why not to upgrade... ?  



I Jedi

Yes, it is interesting to see why Mozzila wants people to upgrade so much. Besides the new benefits that Mozzila sees. Have they ever tried pushing their product out the door this badly before?

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