Mozilla Urges Firefox Users to Update to 3.6



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If you have a bunch of instances running with multiple tabs in each it freezes up and the close/minimize/resize boxes start flickering and nothing will happen.  It hasn't totally crashed, but it is in a coma of some sort.  (Like Word 2007 every time i close it!)  I'm liking minefield much better, and it's an alpha fcol.

Lucky for FF that IE8 is just a smidge more obnoxious, and chrome a tidly bit more obnoxious than that.



I'll upgrade when there's a reliable way to disable tear-off tabs.


Keith E. Whisman

3.6 is great. 3.7 nightly alpha/beta builds are even better. I can't believe I'm actually excited about Firefox again. Type a company name into the address URL field and the appropriate website comes up and when it's not sure it brings up a google search results page.

Just awesome ideas built in make it exciting.



My main choice for mouse gestures isn't compatible with 3.5. So I'm using FireGestures, which isn't compatible with 3.6.

No thanks. I'm not upgrading anything until one of the two main gesture add-on's supports 3.6.

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Thanks for the popup, Mozilla. Nice to see your popup blocking efforts weren't in vain! 

I'll upgrade when Lucid is released. Until then, I'll stick to 3.5. :)



To bad it still has the memory bug. 

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