Mozilla Urges Devs to Finish Firefox 4 In Time for a February Release



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I have tried the beta, and it hasn't given me problems (haven't tried the Linux version though). I love it, but it's just too bad that the streamlined design won't be available for Linux. Oh, well.

Haven't bothered trying IE9 because IE is for n00bs, like for grandmas and preschoolers, or 45-year-olds who don't give a rip on what browser they use, just as long as it opens their email (barring there are no slowdowns or bugs), like my dad. Microsoft needs to pull the plug on IE because 1) it is losing market share, considering EVERY SINGLE Windows PC out there has it preinstalled since Windows 95, 2) it has some major security flaws (mainly because of ActiveX), and 3) it's not as flexible as Firefox (addons, tweaks, etc).

Microsoft makes NO money off of Internet Explorer, because it comes with Windows and it can be downloaded for free. Save the development cost and effort for something else. Unfortunately, Microsoft can't abruptly make this decision to cut out IE because a few Web developers and developers of certain Web-centric software refuse to become compatible with other browsers...



I use Firefox as my main browser, and hardly spare a glance at IE9 on this computer, but I wouldn't knock it. Microsoft finally decided to obey web standards, and it's a decent browser. You also have to remember that Windows has an embedded version of IE which a ton of applicatins rely on, the Steam browser being a noteworthy example. It would be a terrible thing if Windows didn't have a built in web browser, because a bunch of stuff relies on it, and it would be stupid of MS not to work on making it better.



Much as I'd like to see FF4 released, I'd rather they release a working 1.0 than a buggy piece of crap that's just going to irritate people, perhaps sending them to chrome or (gasp) back to IE.  February would be nice, but I can wait if need be.


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