Mozilla Updates Firefox 4 Beta with Faster Graphics



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I went home last night and messed with this one after the first poster said there was a speed increase. I can confirm that this is true. Pages were loading alot faster for me, and Youtube loaded amazingling fast for me. The only problem is that the viewing window would become funky on the video I was watching if I scrolled up or down on the page.

I was using this on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine with the previous version of firefox installed. Of course, my add-ons for my older version of Firefox did not work on the beta (which I expected), and I had no other serious problems. I left the old version of firefox on, ran the beta and I was able to switch back to my old version of Firefox without a hitch.



They've fiddled with the fonts. Looks like Cleartype over Cleartype.

Slow. Does not resolve some web pages properly (yes, it's a beta).

Enough annoyances to uninstall and wait for an RC.



Win7 64Bit. When I go to load a page, nothing happens. I did NOT uninstall Firefox 3.6.8. I have run it using Win XP compatibility and then half of my add-ons (including Firegestures and Roboform) will not work. THEN it screwed up me being able to use FF 3.6.8 (I had to clear history).





So far so good, although I noticed that text looks a bit different than before. And when I load and scroll through web pages I can tell is definitely using the GPU as I do see it heating up more so than normal. It also seems to scroll more fluidly.



Same here, I can dfinitely feel the backplane of my laptop much warmer at times than it usually is during daily surfing.



Well, I got the upgrade bump last night, and so far, it seems to match the claims. (really, unlike IE and Safari and Chrome, Opera and Mozilla's browsers both seem to actually match up well to their marketing claims)

So far, it does seem to be zippier on those graphic intense sites that are properly coded (no improvement on Deviant Art, but its coding is a smart-phone leaning joke anyway) with html 4 and provisional 5. It ran nice and smooth when I hit up and last night, which previously borked most of my main browsers when trying to load interactive paint scheme previews.

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