Mozilla Transitions Thunderbird to Maintenance Mode, Leaving its Fate to the Community



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I use Thunderbird both at home and at work, and really love it. Does the job well, and keeps the POS Outlook off my PC which is a huge win. The search and filtering options are great, the interface is reasonably flexible and there are even some good add-ons. For casual users, webmail is enough. For corporate users they may be required to use Outlook. But for power users Thunderbird is great. Short term this announcement is not a worry, but I worry about the long-term results.




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Philippe Lemay

I don't like Outlook very much... mostly because it seems like a resource hog, but I never could understand how Thunderbird even works. Maybe I'm too much of a computer noob, but man... I didn't think I was that bad. Really it's unusable for me.



its really very similar, just due to the way email clients work, settings and stuff are just in different places and organized differently



I still use Thunderbird every day, I do not like Outlook or Outlook express and Windows Live Mail does not allow filters to be created on IMAP accounts. I have three email accounts and Thunderbird makes it easy to keep everything in one place. That being said, there really is not much more they can add to Thunderbird other than security or bug fixes, as long as it keeps working I can't see looking at alternatives just yet. Too bad Forte never took Agent seriously, that used to be a great client.



I do not like webmail because I have a windowing computer system. Yes, I want my e-mails to open in separate windows. I do not want everything confined to a single screen like a DOS terminal. I want the ability to check e-mail from multiple e-mail accounts without having to merge them. I want the ability to customize the interface and to be able to install extensions/addons. And most importantly, I want the ability to control updates.



I'm still using an older version of Thunderbird because I didn't like some of the "improvements" they made in more recent versions. I keep the installer so I can always use it somewhere. Just because they aren't improving on it anymore doesn't mean I'm going to stop using it. I feel they don't need to, it's fine how it is.



When I used a traditional PC day to day Thunderbird was my staple for email exchange. Now however 99.9% of email related chores are done on my Xoom or Droid Bionic.

In fact the only thing I have had to use PC related email exchange for was last week when I had to print out a NDA so I can sign it and send it back.



That's the problem... T-bird is the last of a dying breed. Gone are the glory days of outlook Express and Eudora. These days you either have a huge dedicated client like Outlook, or you use your web portal to buzz Gmail/yahoo/hotmail, or you're using some slim client built into your phone or IM software.

T-bird is just sitting awkwardly in between the web/thin-clients and the big super-schedulers, and it really makes not a lot of sense to throw a lot of support at what seems to be largely a niche product. Don't get me wrong, I like thunderbird... but but for day to day use, it's not really meeting the same needs as the Gmail website or the full Outlook.

And as the article states, desktop clients seem to be disappearing as it is. Even big offices with retention needs are transitioning to cloud services like Google Apps or MSO360.



I have to agree, a few of the enhancements of the last year were OK, the tab addition is occasional helpful. All in all, enhancements to a mature product just piss people off and really do not add anything. I like Thunderbird just the way it is and as long as bug fixes AND security updates are still available I'm good.



What more do I need Thunderbird to do? It goes out, gets my mail, and lets me read and respond to it. As long as I still get bug fixes, I'm perfectly fine with this.

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