Mozilla Sticks Hand Out, Asks for Spare Change



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That appeal for a $10 donation from FF users whould have been far more effective had the emails gone out prior to the news that Mozilla and Google renewed their deal. The timing is really unfortunate, because Mozilla is a worthy cause. But after hearing they just clinched $900 million, well, it just feels like my ten bucks will disappear into the overhead costs of counting all their stacks of money.



What if they asked for the donation before? Wouln't it then seem wrong as well? Asking for a donation, and then making the $900 million deal after the fact? Sounds like a lose-lose situation. Damned if they do or don't.



What a load of crap. Asking for handouts when they just inked that deal with the googs? Calling themselves a nonprofit is bordering on the ridiculous too.



It's not like Mozilla is giving $250k salaries to their skeleton staff crew.  If I didn't just get my bank account raped buying a new car, I'd give $10.  Only fair since FF has been my main browser since the pre 1.0 days.




looks like you are right... only $146k salaries. Non-profit my ass.



This sounds a lot like the old PBS pitch.  Every six months they'd hold a whinefest, wherein they described to us how "90% of our funding comes from viewers JUST LIKE YOU!!!1"   I remember in the mid 90s when the government turned off the money spigot to PBS and suddenly all you hear is "BUT THAT'S WHERE 90% OF OUR FUNDING COMES FROM!  WE CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT!!!1"

Never trust a beggar.

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